people was created by John King in September 2002 to faciliate the creation of websites focussed on the life and works of writers, such as the one I have maintained on the German writer Ernst J√ľnger since 1996, but with far greater ease of maintenance and breadth of functionality.

When my former employer, mondus, underwent a "radical restructuring" in early 2002, I decided to consolidate and expand my Java knowledge and to take the opportunity to produce a bibliographic application that would meet the requirements I felt had been neglected by purveyors of commercial bibliographic managment programs. This application is the result - it's a good start and I've learnt far more from getting stuck in to coding and deployment than I ever could have from books and courses. A lot more needs to be done, but I'm happy to have got this far.

Any employers looking for people with Java/XML skills in the London, UK or EU areas are warmly invited to look at my C.V..